13 dogs including puppies poisoned to death in Chapra, two men arrested

13 dogs including puppies poisoned to death in Chapra, two men arrested

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KRISHNAGAR, 1 FEB: The Chapra police have arrested two men for killing 13 stray dogs at Bahirgachi in Nadia, today. The duo named as Hajarat Biswas and Miajan Biswas were produced before the Chief Judicial Magistrate court in Krishnagar where the magistrate on hearing pleas remanded them in judicial custody.

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The Chapra police said they have arrested the men based on the complaint lodged by one Suchitra Biswas and on the findings during investigation carried out by them.

According to the locals, Suchitra and her husband are familiar to animal lovers in the locality. They have many pet dogs and they even feed stray canines every day. A few days ago, one of the stray dogs, which gave birth to a puppy, suddenly bit a boy who entered her house. Following the incident, the neighbourers barged into her house and a scuffle ensued between them.

Yesterday, according to the complainant, two men supplied food mixed with poison to the stray mother dog. After eating the poisonous food, three mature dogs and eight puppies died.

The Chapra police, however, said they found one dog carcass in the locality during the investigation.

A local resident said, “It was a very shameful act and inhumane. Accused should be punished.”

“Animal Birth Control (ABC) through the sterilization method is the only legal way to control canine population. It is indeed cruel to kill or poison dogs, as the accused can be booked under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, and also under the IPC section 429,”said another local resident.

Animal rights group have also urged to strengthen the PCA Act, so that offence of killing or maiming any animal becomes a non-bailable.

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