Adhir taunts Mamata for her ‘helpless situation’ in the ongoing assembly polls

Adhir taunts Mamata for her ‘helpless situation’ in the ongoing assembly polls

Biswabrata Goswami

KRISHNAGAR, 8 APRIL: The West Bengal Congress chief Adhir Chowdhury on Thursday taunted chief minister Mamata Banerjee for her helpless situation in the ongoing assembly polls as she virtually feared of losing the polls.

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“Didi is now crying. She is now complaining that votes are being looted in every phases of polls. But, in the last panchayat polls, Didi looted the votes. She didn’t allow the opposition parties to field their agents even,” Chowdhury said.

He said, “Alas! What a history it is. History repeats itself. In the last panchayat elections, people saw the election was not held, votes were looted and voters were restrained from franchising their rights. Opposition party workers were framed in false cases. This time Election Commission of India is organizing elections. Didi’s instructions are not working. In the last panchayat elections, police obeyed Didi’s instructions. This time, police are not obeying all instructions of her.”

He was addressing an election rally at Post Office More in Krishnagar in favour of the Congress-cum-Sanjukta Morcha candidate Silvi Saha.

Chowdhury, also the Leader of Congress party in the Lok Sabha, claimed that the Left-Congress-ISF alliance is strengthening its position as the third front in West Bengal, but it’s not being highlighted anywhere.

“Indication is enough. Didi fears of ‘existential crises’ in her party. It is ironical that Trinamul Congress leaders after stifling democracy in the panchayat election are now seeking votes in its name. At that time, we had appealed to the DMs and SPs urging them to assure the voters so that they can franchise their rights. 34% people could not vote at that time,” he said.

While addressing the rally, Chowdhury said Trinamul chief’s apprehension of her MLAs defecting is the culmination of the ‘poaching’ from Congress ranks which she first started.

Criticising the TMC leaders who defected the party, he said, “The jersey has changed but the thief has not changed. Agnikanya has now no faith on her MLAs. Once she sent her senapati (commandor) in Nadia and Murshidabad to loot votes. Now her senapati is throwing challenge to defeat her and her party candidates.”

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