‘After winning Bengal, we will jump to Delhi and shake BJP’, says Mamata

‘After winning Bengal, we will jump to Delhi and shake BJP’, says Mamata

Biswabrata Goswami

GARHBETA/ KHARAGPUR, 18 MARCH: Chief minister Mamata Banerjee, who attended three back-to-back election rallies in West Midnapore today, tore into the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his party BJP as she hit out at the opposition with series of allegation starting from copying her slogan to rioters to horse-trading.   

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While addressing at Kharagpur rally, Miss Banerjee said, “Poribortan (change) is Mamata Banerjee’s slogan; why are you copying Mamata Banerjee?”

The CM asked the opponent party for using the slogan at different rallies and gatherings.

She announced that her party, the Trinamul Congress (TMC), will focus on Delhi as soon as they win the upcoming assembly polls in Bengal. “After winning Bengal, we will jump to Delhi and shake BJP”, she threw a challenge to the BJP.

In another rally at Amlasuli in Garhbeta, Miss Banerjee claimed that BJP leaders “arrive here in choppers and planes from outside with bagful of cash to lure voters and loot votes” just ahead of elections.

“We gave thousands of crores after Amphan. BJP where were you at that time? They only distribute money for horsetrading,” said Miss Banerjee.

Echoing the same allegation in the Kharagpur rally, Miss Banerjee said, “I have a request, during election if BJP distributes money don’t bow-down your head in front of that money. Remember, this is public’s money.”

Sitting on the wheel-chair, Miss Banerjee suddenly concentrated her eyes at the people gathered in the rally and asked them, “If any Maoist, Leftist or Congress’ friend is here, I’ll tell them don’t vote for CPI-M, they’re BJP’s Gadai. Don’t vote for Congress, they’re BJP’s Jagai and BJP is riotist Madhai. They (BJP) know Mamata Banerjee means people’s energy and she’ll fight along with people, not flee.”

She further said, “I’m like a tiger and I won’t bow-down my head. I only bow my head before the public. But a party like BJP tortures women, Dalits, I don’t support them.”

In the Garhbeta rally, Miss Banerjee said that Garhbeta was once hotbed of Maoists. After coming into power, we have brought peace not only in the Garhbeta area but also in the entire Junglemahal area. “So, we want peace, not violence. But, some outsiders want to capture the state under their fold by creating troubles and violence. So, please don’t allow them. If you vote my candidates in the election, I can only win the poll and I will never allow the outsiders”, she said.

Miss Banerjee also said, “When you cook you use utensils and when these looters come, just chase them with those. Tell them “we don’t want riots.”

Khela hobe, jeta hobe (the game is on, we shall win),” Miss Banerjee assured the people who had gathered to listen to the chief minister speak, “We want to defeat the BJP, the CPI-M, and the Congress, together.”

Miss Banerjee also talked about her development schemes if she is voted to power. “40 per cent of poverty has decreased in West Bengal and now we will make more than 25 lakh houses,” she claimed.

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