Amit Shah stops his roadshow in midway after watching a ‘little number of people’ turned up in Krishnagar

Amit Shah stops his roadshow in midway after watching a ‘little number of people’ turned up in Krishnagar

Biswabrata Goswami

KRISHNAGAR, 16 APRIL: The people of Krishnagar witnessed something unexpected on Friday afternoon when Union Home Minister Amit Shah surprisingly stopped his roadshow in midway, stepped down from his “Rath” (campaign vehicle) and took his car to leave the place.

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Apparently disappointed on watching a meager a two-thousand people participated in the roadshow, Shah stopped his roadshow in midway when his campaign vehicle reached at Post Office More, a barely 300 meters from Sadar More where he started his campaign.

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mega rally in Krishnagar held a few days ago, it was the big roadshow in favour of the party’s candidate cum Bengal’s Chanakya Mukul Roy.

But, people who assembled to have glimpse of Shah were stumbled when Shah surprisingly ended his campaign at Post Office More. Though, there were more 500 meters to go, Shah without citing any reason, asked the leaders to stop vehicle and he immediately stepped down from his vehicle.

The security guards moving along with Shah first got puzzled as hundreds of onlookers immediately swarmed around his vehicle to have glimpse of him from closer position. Shah, however, for once, waved his hand at the people before his vehicle left site to reach the helipad.

Many people who witnessed the incident said Shah probably was not happy on watching a fewer number of people participating his roadshow.

“When Shah reached at Post Office More, his vehicle instead of taking left path went straight for few yards. When it was realized that it has taken wrong way, there was no scope to move back a few inches. On watching this matter, Shah probably ended his roadshow and because of this reason, he was seen very much disappointed,” said a BJP leader.

“For Krishnagar Uttar assembly seat, it will be a battle of prestige for BJP as well as its party candidate Mukul Roy, as Trinamul Congress has pitted film star Kousani Mukherjee from this seat. Today’s incident may affect the BJP’s vote bank to a certain extent,” said Bisu Das, a local resident and a businessman.

Kousani Mukherjee said, “I heard the incident when I was busy in campaign. I believe people will not support the BJP. Today’s incident proves that people finally will keep faith on Mamata Banerjee and they will cast votes to me.”

Image by: Debabrata Malakar

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