Attacks on Doctors means attacks on ourselves!

Attacks on Doctors means attacks on ourselves!

By Sukhendu Das, IIS (Rtd)

Dr. Archana Sharma, a meritorious postgraduate surgeon in Delhi, committed suicide when she was allegedly charged with a false ‘murder case of wrong treatment only by a politically influential quarter!

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She was instigated to kill herself as so much pressure was mounted on her, it is learnt.

This is India where the performances of the best sections of the society nay nation are judged by the hooligans, sometimes by the half educated and politically motivated people. And surprisingly these people brand the medical protocols for treatment followed by the Doctors and expert as ‘wrong ‘. This is almost going on at every corner of the country.

Now the pertinent question is that are these onlookers or fence-sitters are capable of determining whether the proper protocol is followed.

The answer is simply a big ‘No and Never!

But the whole country revels in it being patronized by the political circles. Most of the times, the political patrons knowing full well  that they are doing grave offence against the coveted section  of the society by nurturing Frankestines either keep silent or directly  involve themselves in the  onslaughts on doctors.

Resultantly, Doctors like Archana Sharma are forced to kill themselves.

In Bengal a year or two back, one Intern Doctor at NRS Medical college, Kolkata was brutally beaten up to almost death  by two truck-loaded people. Here also they got political patronage which is highly condemnable.

If the situations go like this, the brilliant young medical aspirants will be totally demoralized and will hesitate  to treat the patients out of fear-psychosis. Isn’t it?

So for our better   and safe living, the society should develop an atmosphere that suits the cream of the nation Best. It not only will help them, it’s necessary and vital for our better and safe living also. If   the doctors at a time refuse to treat the patients in time of emergency, what may be the situations like; it is witnessed several times in Bengal.

Even after so many occasions, if the situations remain unchanged, simply I would call the nation ‘Unfortunate!’

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