BJP fields TMC defectors, leaves old-timers brooding, says Mamata

BJP fields TMC defectors, leaves old-timers brooding, says Mamata

Biswabrata Goswami

TAMLUK/EGRA, 18 MARCH: Trinamul Congress suprimo Mamata Banerjee today honed her attacks against the BJP and said the saffron party has chosen to field the defectors from her party leaving the BJP old-timers brooding.

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Branding the defectors as ‘traitors’, Miss Banerjee said that it was good riddance that they have left her party.

Addressing at an election rally at Egra in East Midnapore, Miss Banerjee raised fingers at her former colleagues-cum-protégées like Suvendu Adhikari, Rajib Banerjee and Mukul Roy and said, “Gaddars, Mirjafars have now become BJP candidates, to the dismay of the old-timers of the saffrom-party.”

While speaking at the rally in Tamluk, the TMC suprimo came down heavily on Suvendu Adhikari, branding him as traitor and said, “I blindly supported him. My care towards him was blind. But now I will not tolerate it any more. No place for ‘gaddar’. No place for Mirjafar. We will not leave an inch to him and to any opposition candidates in any seats in Bengal.”

At the Egra rally, Miss Banerjee said, “I gave many responsibilities to these turncoats. But now I will monitor every project so that its benefit reaches everyone.”

At the same time, she also claimed that the results of upcoming assembly elections will decide the fate of BJP leaders like Narendra Modi and Amit Shah in 2024 Lok Sabha polls.

She also accused the BJP of practicing “politics of riot, loot and murder”, and urged everyone “to be on guard against outsiders appearing in their localities”.

“We have to unite against these evil forces. They came to Bengal to divide us. You voted for BJP (in 2019 Lok Sabha) and they cheated you. They gave you nothing. We are giving you free ration and the BJP government at the Centre is increasing the price of LPG. They will retire if you help us in defeating them in this assembly polls,” she added.

“Slamming the saffron party for chanting ‘Hari Hari’ in front and stabbing from behind”, the TMC suprimo claimed, “Chewing panparag and putting tilak on forehead, the BJP carries on attack on people”.

Calling herself a “custodian of people’s rights”, Miss Banerjee said she would not let anyone harm their interests.

She asserted that her fight against National Register of Citizens (NRC) and National Population Register (NPR) will continue.

“I will not allow it (NRC and NPR) to happen here in Bengal. I will do everything to protect the people of my state, as long as I am alive,” said Miss Banerjee

Appealing people to cast votes in favour of TMC, she said, “Look at my TMC symbol and vote for me. If you don’t vote for TMC, then Bengal will be divided and people will not live in peace.”

Miss Banerjee also asked the people to maintain vigil outside the counting centres where the EVMs will be kept after polling, saying “Do not leave the place even if central security and state police ask you to do so. Also if an EVM malfunctions, ensure that the machine replacing it is tested properly.”

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