BSL Ltd. aims to double its sale by 2025 and to the tune of Rs. 700 crores and above

BSL Ltd. aims to double its sale by 2025 and to the tune of Rs. 700 crores and above

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KOLKATA, 3 SEP: BSL Ltd., a heritage brand in the domain of textiles and suiting has established a multi-pronged corporate strategy to expand its existing portfolio and enter new segments in the next 4years. This includes launching new product ranges, volume and value generation and procures more rack space across all sales points across entire India.

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BSL Ltd, was formed in 1971 on a small scale with 8 looms which today produces over 18 million meters of fabric every year and is selling its products to customers all across India and the globe. The company is extremely conscious about sustainability and the environment and is one of the few companies to have achieved milestones such as zero discharge, bio-fuels, renewable sources of energy and various certifications such as Vegan etc.

Even amidst the ongoing pandemic, the company reported double the turnover during the quarter under review in comparison to Q1, FY 2020-21. The development was owed to its multi-product and multi-market strategy. Talking about the quarterly results and new growth strategies, Mr. Nivedan Churiwal, Managing Director, BSL Ltd., says: “We have used the difficult period of the pandemic to make various changes in the company including cost cutting measures and making robust growth plans. We are confident that this will be an excellent year for BSL Ltd. and we are working on a 4-year growth plan which includes expansion in the field of Domestic Suiting’s Business, Furnishing Business with inclusion of Made-Ups and a large scale expansion with foray into Cotton Spinning. “

Continuing the legacy of introducing niche segments in the market, BSL Ltd. adds a new feather in their cap by extending out to the premium end of the market through their newly introduced GH – INSIGNIA. GH – INSIGNIA is aiming towards Grace, Elegance and Style. Under this basket, the company promises to offer an unmatched class in AW/PW/ Wool blended / TR/Poly Viscose and cotton suiting and shirting fabrics.

BSL Ltd. is also one of the leading producers of furnishing fabrics that produces furniture fabrics for leading retail giants across the world including IKEA. It further produces curtains, apparel fabrics in Polyester, Polyester blends and Pure Silks. The company also manufactures different types of premium yarn such as Poly Wool / Pure Wool / Poly Viscose & 100% Viscose yarn.

The brand believes that the continuous growth will push them to be one of the leaders in the market who do not chase numbers but focuses on customer delight & satisfaction by creating a definite place in the customer’s mind.

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