CPM will fight under Sanyukta Morcha banner in the forthcoming electoral battle: Surya Kanta Mishra

CPM will fight under Sanyukta Morcha banner in the forthcoming electoral battle: Surya Kanta Mishra

Biswabrata Goswami

KRISHNAGAR, 15 JULY: Even after a debacle in the recently held assembly polls, the CPI-M is not going to opt out of Sanyukta Morcha tactics in the forthcoming municipal polls. They even will not break the pre-poll adjustment with either Congress or Indian Secular Front (ISF) though it has come under criticism both inside and outside the party.

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CPI-M state secretary Dr Surya Kanta Mishra, who came here to address a remembrance meeting of the party’s former district secretary Ashu Ghosh, said that it wouldn’t break Sanyukta Morcha in the forthcoming electoral battle.

“Any party, (it may be ISF), may join the Morcha to fight against Trinamul Congress in the state and BJP in the country,” Dr Mishra said.

He, however, made it clear that BJP is the biggest “enemy and threat to the nation”.

Dr Mishra, whose party ruled West Bengal for 34-long years, also claimed BJP’s rise has been helped by the ruling Trinamul Congress, with which the saffron party is locked in a bitter electoral contest in West Bengal.

“BJP is our biggest enemy. BJP is not only the biggest enemy but also a threat to the idea of India as also to Bengal. It has to be stopped, and only Left and secular forces can do that. No other bourgeois political party can be compared with the BJP, not even the TMC,” said Dr Mishra.

While speaking at the commemoration meeting, Dr Mishra said, “BJP’s electoral rise at the expense of Left’s dwindling vote share has happened due to sharp communal polarization. It is a worldwide phenomenon wherever the communal and fascist forces gain ground the Left and the progressive forces lose support. That’s why it is necessary to bring all secular and democratic forces together.”

At the end of the meeting, Dr Mishra recalled the mistake, which he told in a party’s indoor meeting a few days ago, on equating the Trinamul Congress with the BJP.

Mishra in his speech admitted that use of portmanteaus like ‘Bijemul’ (BJP and Trinamul) was wrong. “A word came into use… perhaps some of us also used it in our speeches…Bijemul. Words like this create confusion and ambiguity over questions such as who are we fighting, who is the principal enemy and where to centralise the offensive.”

Dr Mishra said, “Many people have criticized me for admitting mistakes. They have said how many times will we admit your mistakes? You are a mistake-party.”

“But, there is no single party who never makes mistakes. There is no single man in the world who never mistakes. No child can stand up without falling on the ground. No one can learn to swim without drinking water. So, mistakes will happen and it is the science and logic,” Dr Mishra said. 

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