Decadence of Bengali Culture

Decadence of Bengali Culture

Sukhendu Das

Former Indian Information Service (IIS), Former Dy Director & News Head, Doordarshan Sangbad, DDK, Kolkata

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I know very well that I may be harshly criticised or trolled for my topic. But what I say, that’s true in every word and spirit. Bengali Culture has degraded sharply from its previous high position and a clear decadence is susceptible in every sphere of life. And this has started since  almost two decades back when the too melo-dramatic films like ‘baba keno chakar”, ‘swami keno Asami’, ‘Sindoor diyo na muchhe’ etc. continued to occupy the silver  screen.

These were all imported third grade culture from neighbouring Bangladesh. Our tradition of literature-based stories for films disappeared and the place of that classics and master-pieces was snatched away by a group of taste-ignorant fellows.

Those who are well conversant with Bengali cinema would easily subscribe to my view.

Only the Bengali drama world still now maintains its great sanctity and identity even during this highly identical crisis period. It’s really heartening to note for the refined cultural minds.

Now let’s concentrate on the main thrust. 

Craze for Anubrata, Kancha Badam and Ranu Mondal like culture now dominate and persist heavily on the society which is no doubt candid fallout of the hierarchy of traditional high-value Bengali Culture and Tradition. Once again these types of cheap popularity mongering themes are the by-products of imported culture!

Even after the Independence, we got a great legacy of great leaders like B C Roy, Prafulla Sen, Shyama Prasad Mukherji, Atulya Ghosh, Ajay Mukherji, Siddhartha Shankar Ray, Jyoti Basu, Buddhadeb and others which denote our traditional richness.

But now the political field is totally occupied and controlled by money and muscles.

What a great tragedy for Bengali hierarchy in India. Once the rest of the country scrupulously followed Bengal. Now they laugh and say Bengalis live only in the past.

Highly rich tradition of Bengali songs is shattered to pieces with the craze for sub -standard hits. Refined, Educated and sophisticated Bengalis suffer most.

Money, muscles and corruption are now the life lines of Bengal. Of course, most people are not like that. But they are forced to endorse it for their very ‘Jeopardized Existence’ in Bengal. This is the greatest tragedy of the decades. Bengal is treading back; trailing back Bengali Culture is decaying. Everyone is watching it but no one is daring to open the mouth. Only the groaning of a once most culturally prosperous nation is heard!

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