Dilip Ghosh attacked by TMC workers during final poll campaign in Bhawanipore

Dilip Ghosh attacked by TMC workers during final poll campaign in Bhawanipore

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KOLKATA, 27 SEP: On the last day before the bypolls on 30 September, the BJP national vice-president, Dilip Ghosh was attacked by Trinamul Congress workers at Jadubabu Bazar in Bhawanipore during a campaign. The agitating Trinamul workers who lunged at the leader and other BJP workers, staged violent protest shouting ‘Dilip Ghosh go back’. This led to a clash between workers of TMC and BJP.

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At least five BJP workers including one Bharat Narayan Singh, suffered severe injuries when they got into a scuffle with TMC workers. They were immediately taken to the hospital for treatment.

Ghosh was rescued by his security personnel who managed to form a shield around him to escort him out of Jadubabu Bazar. The security personnel of Ghosh were “forced” to point their guns at the TMC supporters who were gradually increasing in numbers and apparently mounting attempts to attack the BJP workers. However, no rounds were fired by the security personnel but a palpable tension in the area prevails.

Ghosh, said, “The constant attacks by TMC workers on us is evidence enough that Mamata Banerjee is losing ground in her home turf. Her defeat is unavoidable. How else can these desperate attacks by the TMC workers be explained?” He alleged that it was total lawlessness prevailing in the state under the rule of Mamata Banerjee government.

Singh, who sustained head injuries, told media persons that it was an absolute collapse of law and order. The TMC supporters mounted violent attacks as they were campaigning in the area for the BJP candidate Priyanka Tibrewal.

“This is unacceptable how the TMC is attacking opposition during campaigns. This is not politics. Every party has the right to campaign for its candidates. I was attacked because I am a BJP worker” said Singh.

Leader of the Opposition Suvendu Adhikari and BJP MP Arjun Singh reached the spot soon after Ghosh was attacked. No sooner than Arjun Singh reached Bhawanipore, he too was surrounded by TMC party workers who raised slogans against the BJP.

Sukanta Majumdar, BJP state president said, “Today’s attack was an insult on democracy. We condemn the attack on Ghosh. He is an elderly person but that didn’t stop the TMC workers from throwing kicks and punches at him. What is this animalistic behaviour? This is not the culture of Bengal. This is the kind of environment that prevails in Afghanistan where the opposition is attacked and killed. The security personnel were forced to bring out their guns to ensure the TMC workers back out”.

BJP candidate Priyanka Tibrewal lashed out at the TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee for the attack on BJP workers. ” There is no law and order in Bhawanipore, forget the rest of Bengal. If the TMC workers continue with such attacks on poll day, the CRPF will have to take the necessary action. Why is Mamata Banerjee so afraid of me who according to her party is a newbie?”

Reacting to the development, TMC leader Tapas Roy said that it is Dilip Ghosh who is to be blamed for intimidating the people at Bhawanipore.” He has no clue of what he says and when he speaks, it creates trouble. His security pulled out guns which further led to an increase in tension in the area.”

Commenting on the CRPF action remark by Tibrewal, he said, ” The CRPF is not owned by the BJP. I believe the force doesn’t act as per BJP party orders”.

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