DRDO develops Anti-Drone System for armed forces to neutralize enemy drone attack

DRDO develops Anti-Drone System for armed forces to neutralize enemy drone attack

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NEW DELHI, 28 JULY: DRDO has developed anti-drone system to neutralize enemy drone attack. The Indigenous Drone Technology is capable of counter attacks including detection, Soft Kill (for jamming the communication links of Drone) and Hard Kill (Laser based hard kill to destroy the Drone) of enemy Drones.  The System is already demonstrated to Armed Services and other internal security agencies.

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The indigenous DRDO Counter-Drone Technology is transferred to M/s BEL. Simultaneously Transfer of Technology (ToT) of the Counter-Drone System is offered to other companies.

This information was given by Defence Minister for States Ajay Bhatt in a written reply to Ms Keshari Devi Patel and Kanakmal Katarain Lok Sabha today.

With Pakistan based terrorists using Chinese made commercial drones to cart weapon payloads and drugs across the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir and international border, the DRDO has been able to successfully develop passive and active anti-drone technology to either disable or shoot down enemy drones.

The anti-drone system, which was deployed during 2020 Republic and Independence Day, has a range of over two to three kilometres with radar capability to pick up the drone and then use frequencies to jam the unmanned aerial vehicle. The other developed option includes spotting the drone through radar and then targeting it by laser beam.

Since 2019, Pakistan based groups have launched serial drone sorties across the IB in Punjab for delivering weapons and drugs to revive militancy in the border state. The same modus operandi is being used across the IB and LoC in Jammu and Kashmir. Commercially available Chinese drones can carry upto 10 kilograms of weapons and drug payloads.

While the DRDO has developed the system, the Indian private sector along with the security agencies have also been able to concurrently developed anti-drone system. The system has been tested on the LoC and has been able to successfully repel the aerial threat.

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