EXCLUSIVE: Postal Department suspends eight employees in Nadia north div for financial embezzlement at PLI scheme

EXCLUSIVE: Postal Department suspends eight employees in Nadia north div for financial embezzlement at PLI scheme

Biswabrata Goswami

KRISHNAGAR, 5 AUGUST: Taking stringent action, the Postal department has suspended eight employees for their alleged involvement in financial embezzlement at Postal Life Insurance scheme.

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Under the instruction of Post Master General, the Superintendent of Post Offices, Nadia North Division has issued suspension against Niranjan Biswas, postmaster of Krishnagar HPO, Bharati Saha, deputy post master, Krishnagar HPO, Nurul Islam, postal assistant, Debagram PO, Bishnu Biswas, postal assistant, Mayapur PO, Manabendra Debnath, sub-post master, Bidyanagar PO and three other employees from Nabadwip HPO.

As the suspended employees were currently holding the important posts, the Postal Superintendent of Nadia North Division has also made a temporary arrangement to run the offices by transferring three employees to the Krishnagar HPO and Bidyanagar PO.

Sukti Saha has been transferred from Kathuriapara SO to Krishnagar HPO and Gour Sundar Mondol from Ukilpara SO to Krishnagar HPO. Lob Ghora has been transferred from Nabadwip HPO to Bidyanagar SO.

According to the sources placed in the Krishnagar HPO, the entire corruption in the PLI scheme was held during 2015 to 2018. One outsider staff named Dipankar was the sole culprit behind the financial misappropriation. It is alleged that he used to collect premiums for Policy Revival from policyholders. But the money had not been credited to the government account.

At that time, a complaint was lodged with the Nabadwip police and the police quizzed all the employees related to the scam. Dipankar was reportedly absconding, but police later arrested him and he spent a few months in jail custody. Later, he got bail from the court.

The sources also said Niranjan Biswas was the postmaster of Nabadwip HPO at that time. This apart, Nurul Islam was in charge of CPC. Bharati Saha was deputy postmaster of Nabadwip HPO. She, however, acted as officiating stop gap postmaster against leave vacancy of Niranjan Biswas. Rest of employees temporarily worked in the PLI branch on a rotation basis.

The postal department employees suspect that the amount of embezzlement is likely to be over Rs 50 lakh. As the departmental enquiry is undergoing, the fraud amount and the number of employees involved in the scam may rise.

An employee when asked said the responsible staff cannot neglect their responsibility. “Without their indulgence, a huge amount of fraud could not be performed by a mere outsider staff,” an employee said, on the condition of anonymity.

A trade union leader of Krishnagar HPO, who didn’t wish to be named, said, “We are really shocked at this news. We never expect such a case of distrust. Department is moving according to law. If anyone is proved guilty, he will surely be punished as per departmental rules. Common people may take this news adversely. But the Postal Department is honest to its clients. They need not to be worried any more. Their deposits are fully safe. They are only requested to preserve their receipts. For any query, common people are requested to visit their nearest post office. Postal department stands always with its clients.”  

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