Fake vax camp scam accused Deb’s bodyguard photographed with Governor

Fake vax camp scam accused Deb’s bodyguard photographed with Governor

TMC attacks Dhankar for silence on charges

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KOLKATA, 2 JULY: Trinamul Congress Rajya Sabha MP and party’s chief whip at Rajya Sabha Sukhendu Shekhar Roy on Thursday displayed some photographic evidence about the Governor Jagdeep Dhankar, his wife and some of  his close associates were seen in close proximity  in a photograph at Raj Bhavan with security officer Aurobindo Baidya of Debanjan Deb, allegedly involved  fake  vaccination case.

Mr Roy asked how Deb’s security officer was at Raj Bhavan and that too he was seen in the photograph with close proximity with the Governor? Mr Roy said, “We have also gathered information that Mr Deb through his security officer used to send gifts or closed envelops to some highly placed people.”

He said  “We have forwarded these documents  to the  SIT that was constituted by the state government to investigate the case.”

He said, “Our chief minister Mamata Banerjee has already said that nobody involved in fake vaccination case will be spared even if the person is a big shot.”

 Mr. Roy said that, “I will request the investigating agency to investigate the link between the security officer of Deb and the Governor.”

Mr Roy said that on 29 July, he held a Press Conference where he said that Governor’s claim that he was ex-honourated in Jain Hawla case was far from truth.  “We have been noticing for past two days that the Governor Jagdeep Dhankar was absolutely silent regarding his involvement in Jain Hawla case.”

He (read the Governor) used to tweet every moment against the state government became absolutely silent for past 48 hours, it’s really amazing, said Mr Roy

Meanwhile, a Delhi based English Daily today published that Surendra Jain who was the man behind this Jain Hawla case passed away on 29 June.

Mr Roy also hinted that death of Surendra Jain and Governor on silent mode after his name surfaced in Jain Hawla case is a mere consequence?

He also referred a book Bad Money Bad Politics by Sanjoy Kapoor where the name of Jagdeep Dhankar as a deputy minister of Revenue In Chandrasekhar’s cabinet was referred and a sum of money of Rs 5.25 crore was also mentioned.

On Monday, the state chief minister Mamata Banerjee said, “I haven’t seen a corrupt Governor like Jagdeep Dhankar whose name appeared in Jain Hawla case.”

The Governor refuted the charge saying that his name was not in the charge-sheet.

Mr Roy today quoted a Delhi based senior journalist who thanked Mamata Banerjee for mentioning the sensitive case after 30 years and she is the sole politician in the whole country to refer the case again.

He posted in his Face Book page, that no trial of this sensitive Jain Hawla case has taken place though CBI framed charges under Prevention of Corruption Act and Enforcement Directorate filed cases under the then Foreign Exchange Regulation Act (FERA )Act. Though a three member judge bench was comprised at Supreme Court but the hearing of the case was never completed. So the Governor’s claim that his name did not appear in the charge-sheet was far from truth, Mr Roy said.

Mr Roy gave the members of the Press some documents which showed that Jagdeep Dhankar was deputy minister of Parliamentary Affairs in Viswanath Pratap Singh’s government from April 1990 to November 1990 and Jagdeep Dhankar again become deputy minister of Finance and Revenue in Chandrasekhar’s government from 1990 to March 1991.

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