Fed up with Covid-19 crisis, a 48-year-old man commits suicide in Krishnagar

Fed up with Covid-19 crisis, a 48-year-old man commits suicide in Krishnagar

Biswabrata Goswami

KRISHNAGAR, 9 MAY: Apparently fed up with the Covid-19 situation, a 48-year-old man has allegedly committed suicide by hanging in his house at Madhu Chowdhuri Lane in Ghurni under Kotwali police station limits in Krishnagar, Nadia today.

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Family members claimed the deceased named as Biswajit Biswas had been depressed due to the consequences of the rising Covid-19 cases. “He chose to end his life probably being failed to bear the burden of the ongoing Covid crisis,” said Bhagirath Biswas, brother of the deceased.

According to family members, the victim was fed up with Covid-19 situation and his personal health issues. Recently, his mother and wife became ill and their symptoms were alike to the symptoms of the Covid cases.

The local police and health officials, however, did not make any comment on this matter.

A psychologist in Krishnagar said, “The dread of contracting the disease combined with the realisation that the incidence of Covid-19 spiralled instead of being contained in the lockdown and that the days of suspending life as they knew it could extend indefinitely has been profoundly disturbing for many.

“Add to this new normal, ill-health, joblessness, financial crises and the everyday stresses that people anyway had to deal with and the COVID-19 tunnel stretches dark and seemingly endless with no light at the end of it.

“This prolonged uncertainty has led people to feel a lot more anxious. So people who were on a mild anxiety spectrum earlier have moved to moderate and severe anxiety. When anxiety gets severe, the kinds of behaviour of self harm increase.”

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