First case of Omicron infection in Bengal: 7 year-old child from Murshidabad tests positive

First case of Omicron infection in Bengal: 7 year-old child from Murshidabad tests positive

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BEHRAMPORE, 15 DEC: A confirmed case of the dreaded Omicron virus infection was reported today in Murshidabad district, sources said. It is said to be the first-ever case of Omicron infection in Bengal.

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But the Omicron, a new variant of corona-virus, took a long way to reach West Bengal. From Abu Dhabi of United Arab Emirates, an Indian migrant worker and his family landed at Hyderabad airport on 10 December this year.

The migrant labourer and his wife tested negative to coronavirus infection but their 7 year-old child tested positive to Omicron infection which was confirmed following a genome sequence report communicated to the state health department in Bengal today, sources said.

The migrant worker and his family members, after landing at Kolkata airport on 11 December, took a private car to reach their village home at Benigram area under Farakka police station limits in Murshidabad district but neither the parents nor their Omicron infected child could be found there, health officials said this afternoon.

The chief medical officer of health, Murshidabad, Sandip Sanyal today briefed the press media on the developments of the case. The CMOH informed that the child has tested positive for Omicron infection.

As the migrant worker’s family belongs to Beniagram village under Farakka police station limits in Murshidabad district, the district health administration has already declared the area as Covid containment zone, sources informed.

A team of local health officials was assigned to the task of ‘track and trace’ intended to find out the patient and those who came in contact with the family. The team informed that the infected child and his parents could not be found at their permanent residence of Beniagram.

The health officials said that the patient might be found at Kaliachak area of Malda district where the migrant worker’s family is likely to be sheltered in a relative’s house there.

Health officials here informed the patient, a minor child, is yet to develop any symptoms of Omicron infection.        
The Malda district administration, which has been put on alert over the detection of Omicron case, has also taken necessary steps to make Covid containment zone at Kaliachak. To ensure that the Covid compliance norms are strictly followed, a police picket has been posted at Beniagram area under Farakka PS, sources said.

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