Gold merchant once thrashed, twice robbed

Gold merchant once thrashed, twice robbed

Asim Kumar Pramanik

BEHRAMPORE, 23 DEC: A trail of highway crime last night in Murshidabad district landed a gold merchant in a distress and the manner in which he experienced the midnight attack is very rarely heard of. He is Shasanka Shekhar Dutta, owner of a jewelry shop at Karmakarpara of Ballalpur area under Farakka police station limits. Last night he shut down his shop and left Ballalpur for his home at Nimtita area, sources said.

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Aboard a motorcycle on way back home, he was intercepted by a gang of highway criminals who allegedly hit his head with some metal weapons. “I was attacked with sharp-cutting weapons. As I tried to save myself, the weapons hit my head slightly cutting across my shoulder”, he said adding, “In a desperate bid to escape, I sped off but my motorcycle, as luck would have it, refused to move. I fell down.

The attackers snatched my bag containing some cash, some gold ornaments of small quantity, the bunch of keys of my gold shop and two mobile phones among other things.”

It was Chaskapur under Samsherganj police station limits where the attack took place, said the gold trader. He narrated, “I cried to best of my voice asking for help. The gang fled off and disappeared into darkness. I collected myself and hurried to the people nearby. I met with a civic volunteer who advised me to lodge a diary with Samsherganj PS. I proceeded accordingly, lodged a case and returned home.”

The gold merchant said he was awe-struck again in the morning when he found his jewelry shop vandalized and robbed of his belongings there. “I found this morning that my jewelry shop at Ballalpur was looted. The criminals must have used the keys that they snatched from me last night. Again I reported the matter to Farakka PS”, the merchant said. “Actually the attack on my life left me so devastated that I could not even imagine that the same gang might have looted my gold shop also”, he added.

Both the Farakka and Samsherganj PS today launched an inquiry into the crime. No one was arrested, sources said. The gold trader’s health condition was stated to be stable.

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