‘I remember a lot of the old days,’ Mithun says on reaching Santipur for roadshow

‘I remember a lot of the old days,’ Mithun says on reaching Santipur for roadshow

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SANTIPUR, 13 APRIL: Coming out from his helicopter, Bollywood star and most crowd puller Mithun Chakraborty suddenly became nostalgic and said “Anek din par eto dur elam. Purano diner anek katha mone parche. Apnara sabai bhalo thakben (I came so far after many days. I remember a lot of the old days. Wish you all the best.”

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Mithun alias Gouranga Chakraborty after reaching Santipur for holding a road show in favour of the BJP candidate Jagannath Sarkar, obviously returned to his early ages for a while when he used to stay in Santipur. At present, the Chakraborty family holds a dilapidated home and a big garden in Santipur town, a local source said.

Image: Debabrata Malakar

With remembering his school days, Mithun started walking with Sarkar and waved his hand as he came out of the chopper amid cheering Jay Sree Ram and Gharer Chele Mithunda Mithun Da (Son of the soil Mithunda). Thousands of people virtually swarmed around the helicopter to have glimpse of him.

Debuting as a star campaigner, Mithun took up a microphone and after saying a few words he loudly uttered, “Joy Sree Ram”. Soon the crazy people echoed the same.

He then began to walk with Jagannath Sarkar and other party workers. Local people were so mad that they were trying to get proximity of him. They observed every of his steps and enjoyed his heroic style of body movements. A youth said, “Mahaguru walked with the same glamour.”

The ‘Chemistry of Jimmy style in Disco Dancer’, was still seen in his body language when the Chemistry graduate ( from Scottish Church College, Kolkata) Mithun Chakraborty came out of Helicopter at Nadia’s Santipur and waved his hand to the  assembled people.

His road show in his old town Santipur brought an extra wave in this old Hindu prone town and, according to a senior citizen, it would help BJP in election in Santipur. “

“Fatakesto fatiea dieachhe”, said another person in Santipur.

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