IIT Jodhpur launches two new 4-year B.S. programs to make students future ready

IIT Jodhpur launches two new 4-year B.S. programs to make students future ready

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JODHPUR, 21 SEP: To cater for the growing need and demand for modern technologies, the Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur will launch a new engineering-linked four-year B.S. programs in Chemistry and Physics with specialization.

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The Institute has designed the new programs aligned with global needs. The programs will impart fundamental knowledge in basic science and engineering in the first year. In the second and third years, the students will undergo comprehensive theoretical and experimental courses in advanced concepts of Chemistry and Physics in the respective programs, and in the final year, these programs will enable the students to specialize in a focused area in the forefront of science.

Highlighting the unique aspects of the new 4-year B.S. programs, Prof. Santanu Chaudhury, Director, IIT Jodhpur, said, “Research in Basic sciences is driving the frontier of technology. Quantum technology, Sustainable materials, Terahertz technology, Gene Therapy, and Green Energy are some examples of science driving technology innovations. It’s time to rethink the basic science programmes, making them foundational for emerging technologies. New BS programmes of IIT Jodhpur have been launched with this motivation. We expect our B.S. graduates to get involved in application-directed basic research, creating breakthrough technologies for new age industries.”

Aligning with the National Education Policy 2020, the interdisciplinary approach of these programs, the Institute aspires to cross the barrier of traditional paths and excel at the interplay of science and technology. The flexibility of opting for different specializations to meet societal and industrial needs and ever-growing sustainability demands is among the key features of this program’s curriculum. 

IIT Jodhpur will also provide the B.S. program students with an opportunity to convert their 4-year B.S. program for 5 year B.S. – M.Tech dual degree program with respective specializations. In addition, the program offers to pursue an entrepreneurial path leading to science-based engineering innovations.

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