Kotwali police save a woman who attempted suicide

Kotwali police save a woman who attempted suicide

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KRISHNAGAR, 10 JULY: The Kotwali police on Saturday night saved the life of a woman who allegedly attempted to commit suicide by hanging from a ceiling fan in her house.

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The incident occurred at around 11.30 pm in the apartment situated in front of the Kotwali police station.

According to the police officials, some civic volunteers first saw the incident from the police station campus. At that time they were engaged in interacting with each other. Suddenly they noticed that a woman was trying to hang herself from the ceiling fan in her room in the apartment. The apartment is situated barely 100 meters far from the police station and her flat is located at the fifth floor of the apartment. The window of the room was open and the ceiling fan was clearly visible through the window from the police station campus.

The civic volunteers on seeing the incident immediately informed the police officials who instantly rushed to the flat along with civic volunteers. They spotted the flat and entered the flat where they found that the woman was crying. The husband, who was seen under the influence of alcohol, didn’t reveal anything; instead he misbehaved with the police officials saying that they had gone to his flat to harass him for a certain reason.

A police officer who was leading the rescue operation tried to mollify him saying that they have rushed to his flat on the suspicion that a woman was trying to commit suicide by hanging.    

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