Krishnagar Collegiate School Alumni Association launches protest against fist-fighting between two teachers

Krishnagar Collegiate School Alumni Association launches protest against fist-fighting between two teachers

Biswabrata Goswami

KRISHNAGAR, 3 FEB: Members of the Krishnagar Collegiate School Alumni Association on Thursday staged a protest demonstration in front of the school gate over the fist-fighting incident between two teachers and demanded before the administration to take immediate action against the accused teachers.

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The former students brought posters and banners saying that the bizarre incident is nothing but shame. “The school bears heritage and glory and it is one of the reputed government schools in the state. Established in 1846, several prominent persons like Madan Mohon Tarkalankar, Ramtanu Lahiri, Benimadhab Das had once taught in the school. Every year, students from both Madhyamik and Higher Secondary excel their performance. In such a stature, how two teachers could involve in fist-fighting in front of cameras,” said Mr Rajib Ghosh, assistant secretary of Alumni Association.

On Wednesday, the headmaster of the school turned violent and punched thrice to his senior colleague who slapped him in the face in front of press media persons and school teachers over a dispute which has been continued between them for years.

The video footage of their fighting went viral soon stirring sensation among the teaching and student community across the state.

On hearing the incident, the district magistrate, Shashank Sethi, who is also by default president of the managing committee of Krishnagar Collegiate School, instructed his officials to conduct a probe into this matter. The district inspector of schools also sent three assistant inspectors to conduct a separate investigation into this matter.

The school teachers who rescued the assistant teacher of Geography, Nimai Majumdar from the clutch of the headmaster, Manaranjan Biswas accompanied him to the Saktinagar district hospital for treatment as he was suffering unwell.

Trouble broke out when Mr Majumdar started a silent sit-in-protest agitation in front of the headmaster’s office this morning. As the school will reopen tomorrow after a long closure due to the restriction for pandemic situation, teachers and headmaster attended the school for monitoring the cleaning and other works.

The media persons on hearing the agitation reached the school and asked Mr Majumdar what was his grievance against the headmaster.

Mr Majumdar alleged that the headmaster was not providing his salary slip and other documents for months and because of this reason he was unable to file IT returns. This apart, Mr Biswas has framed him in several false cases, he said.

Mr Biswas who was primarily not entertaining the reporters for his comments, suddenly came out from his room and started saying that Mr Majumdar was telling lies against him.

He then alleged, “Most of the teachers are non-cooperative and Mr Majumdar is such a person whom (a woman) was about to beat him with her shoes.”

On hearing this allegation, Mr Majumdar, who was in sit-in-protest demonstration, suddenly attacked and slapped him out of rage. Mr Biswas then violently started punching him.

It is mentionable that Mr Biswas has already been accused of misappropriating of government funds by a team of government officials under the instruction of Nadia district magistrate.

The accused headmaster is still enjoying his post in the school even though repeated protests against him by the school teachers and a section of guardians took place.

The district administrative officials, who conducted an enquiry against him, have even kept their mouths closed when asked, but sources within the government officials said that state education department has kept the enquiry report in idle because of his ‘strong influence’ with a section of state school education department officials.

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