Mamata slams Modi over ‘false promise’ of free Covid-19 vaccination in Bihar

Mamata slams Modi over ‘false promise’ of free Covid-19 vaccination in Bihar

Biswabrata Goswami

GOPIBALLAVPUR/JHARGRAM, 17 MARCH: Instead of attending the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s virtual meeting on Covid-19 issues, chief minister Mamata Banerjee today hits out at the PM Modi reminding him for making false promise of free vaccination during Bihar assembly elections.

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Addressing an election rally at Gopiballavpur in Jhargram, Miss Banerjee said, “Narendra Modi promised to vaccinate people of Bihar after coming to power, during elections. But did they provide vaccines? No, they did not, they lied.”

“I told them to give the Covid vaccine to the common people. It is not in our hand. It can’t be done with the Centre’s permission. I told them I am ready to pay. I want to give vaccine free of cost to every citizen. Modi is not giving. Again Covid-19 cases are rising,” she added.

Earlier in the day, PM Modi interacted with chief ministers of states across the country to evaluate the Covid-19 situation amid the resurgence in the number of cases. But, Miss Banerjee decided to skip the meeting as she had an election meeting pre-scheduled for Wednesday in Junglemahal areas.

While speaking at the rally, Miss Banerjee alleged the opposition BJP wanted her to keep indoors ahead of the West Bengal assembly elections, which apparently resulted in her injury.

She claimed that earlier it was CPI-M which used to physically attack her, and now the BJP was doing the same.

“They (BJP) wanted to keep me indoors so that I cannot go out during the elections. They have injured my leg. They cannot throttle my voice, we will defeat BJP,” Miss Banerjee said, addressing the election rally sitting on a wheelchair.

Claiming that her government has done many development works in the entire Junglemahal area, Miss Banerjee squarely blamed the BJP for doing nothing in the area while it has an MP elected from Jhargram Lok Sabha seat.

“BJP lied during the 2019 Lok Sabha polls. They did nothing in these two years. They have done a big zero. So give them a big zero. It is you who would be playing from 27 March. Bold them out. Hit the ball and send them out of the field,” the chief minister said, using cricket metaphors.

Firing a salvo at the BJP, Miss Banerjee termed the party (BJP) as the biggest factory of Dushasan.

“There is Dushasan-raj going on in the country. BJP is the biggest factory of Dushasans. They have destroyed the country,” Miss Banerjee said.

Dushasan was a Kaurava prince and the younger brother of Duryodhan in the Hindu epic Mahabharata.

She said that the BJP will be defeated in Bengal and that the entire country is looking up to Bengal.

“You don’t give a single vote to the BJP,” she said urging the people to vote for the TMC candidates. “Every vote you cast for our candidates will be for me”, she said.

She mentioned the schemes launched by her government over the years, reaffirming that if voted to power she will ensure free doorstep delivery of ration.

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