Medinipur will be ‘Modi-nipur’, if BJP comes to power: Abhishek

Medinipur will be ‘Modi-nipur’, if BJP comes to power: Abhishek

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MIDNAPORE, 15 MARCH: Trinamul Youth Congress president Abhishek Banerjee today started the election campaign for Dantan and Salboni, two Assembly segments of West Midnapore which are going to poll on 27 March, the first phase of the eight phase election.

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He said though he was campaigning for Bikram Chandra Pradhan of Dantan, Srikanth Mahato of Salboni and Uttara Singh of Garbetta,the huge crowd who gathered at  both the places will actually vote for Mamata Banerjee.  This 2021 Assembly poll is the election of Mamata Banerjee vs the outsiders. He said it is evident from the huge crowd which have gathered here that the people are already determined to bring back Mamata Banerjee as their chief minister and drive away the outsiders.

He said the BJP men injured Mamata Banerjee on her leg and thought that it would make her immobile.

But they don’t know, the CPI-M backed goons attacked her many a times but she never bowed  downtoevil forces. This time also she would not bow down to the forces from Delhi, UP, MP and Gujarat.

He appealed to the women supporters, workers and others to cast the votes for Trinamul candidates which will enable Mamata Banerjee to become chief minister for the third time.

He said the public has already taken decision to drive out the outsiders from Bengal so union home minister failed to hold public meeting at Jhargram on the plea that the helicopter had developed technical snag.

Mr Banerjee said,”Amit Shahji was residing at a hotel in Kharagpur,  he could easily reach Jhargram by car but failed  to do so as public did not come to listen to him.”

He said,’the BJP Central leadership could not find  candidates and was waiting  from some more defectors from Trinamul Congress to join BJP so that they can field in candidates in 294 Assembly seats. Now some of the MPs were also made candidates for Assembly poll.

Mr Banerjee without naming Suvendu Adhikary lashed out at him saying, a person from Midnapore, the land of Iswar Chandra Vidhyasagar,   could join the BJP leader who was responsible for vandalising  Vidhyasagar’s statute during election campaign on 14 May 2019.

Mr Banerjee said, “in this election on 27 March, you, the people of Midnapore should take a  vow  to defeat the Mir Zafars  and Gaddars of Midnapore  who tried to sell Bangla to Delhi.”

Mr Banerjee said, “a person in the land of  Khudiram, Matangini Hazra, freedom fighter like Satish Samanta could be so spineless and  tried to sell Bangla to Delhi.”

He said,”if BJP comes to power in Bengal then Modiji will rename Vidyasagar setu as Modi setu and Medinipur will be named Modi-ni-pore.”

The MP also said,”in 2019, you have elected a BJP MP Dilip Ghosh but he was almost invisible to the people of the constituency during Covid-19 pandemic and Amphan. Only Mamata Banerjee and Trinamul Congress leaders and workers stood by you and also by the migrant labourers.”

He also appealed the masses to vote for Mamata Banerjee’s candidates so that different social schemes like Kanyashree, Sabuj Sathi, Khadhya Sathi and Swastha Sathi could be continued if Mamata Banerjee comes back to power.

He said,”now leaders of Bharatiya Jumla party are saying they would make ‘Sunar Bangla’I ask them if they have that formula first let them make  Sonar Bharat, Sonar UP , MP and Assam.”

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