Mithun Chakraborty makes his debut on election campaign trail for BJP in Bengal

Mithun Chakraborty makes his debut on election campaign trail for BJP in Bengal

Biswabrata Goswami

JHARGRAM, 25 MARCH: Mithun Chakraborty, a Bollywood heartthrob who joined the BJP in presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a Brigade Parade Ground rally on 7 March, finally made his debut on the election campaign trail for the BJP candidates on Thursday.

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The show-stealer, who had millions of fans swooning with his dance and action moves, held roadshows in three places – Saltora in Bankura, Jhargram and Keshiari in West Midnapore, making flying visits using a helicopter.

As it was his first appearance for the BJP in Bengal, not as a candidate but as a star campaigner, thousands of followers and fans gathered only to see him from close-distance when he reached Jhargram.

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Initially he was stuck for some minutes inside a chopper, as crowds virtually swarmed around the helicopter to have a glimpse of him.

Covering him with cloth and sunglasses to beat the scorching sun, the Bollywood star waved his hand as he came out of the chopper amid cheering Jay Shri Ram and Mithun Da.

Speculation that he would contest the election was shut down when his name was missing from the BJP’s final list of candidates earlier this week. “I have no political aspirations,” he repeated today.

“Yes, I am not contesting the election then I become an opportunist. But my aim is to see that the poor and have-nots have a future for them,” the cine star said.

At Keshiari, chants of “Dada” greeted the 70-year-old movie star and dance show judge. Many also shouted “dialogue” to get him to say some of his most famous one-liners.

“My relationship with the people of Bengal is not that of hero and fan,” said the national award winning actor, wearing a saffron scarf in addition to his usual kurta, cap and sunglasses.

The cinematic icon said he loves the outpour of supporters during the campaign. “I am loving the love which I am getting. Definite chance of BJP (winning),” he said.

Asked about the difference between stage concerts and political rallies, Mithun Chakraborty said one is for enjoyment and the other is for the nation. “In shows, people come for enjoyment, and here, people come for the nation,” said.

“Dialogues bolna padta hai (one has to give them some dialogues) because I am an entertainer – see… even now people are shouting for dialogues. The crowds knew what they wanted from their “Dada”, the mega-star said.

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