No space for BJP in Tripura: Abhishek

No space for BJP in Tripura: Abhishek

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KOLKATA, 4 JAN: All India Trinamul Congress (AITC) national general secretary Àbhishek Banerjee speaks to the media after his visit to Chaturdasa Devata Temple in Tripura.

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He told the media that AITC won’t be conceding any space for BJP in Tripura. “Within three months, we have become the principal opposition in the state after securing over 23% vote share in the urban body’s civic polls last month,” Mr Banerjee told the media.

“Now we have a years’ time to prepare for state polls in 2023 and we will make sure that Biplab Deb’s Goonda Model of governance doesn’t work anymore. BJP’s tricks of breaking party offices, attacking opponents, these won’t work anymore,” he told the members of the Press.

Biplab Deb’s ‘Dooare Gunda’ model won’t work anymore. AITC has given its word to the public, and we will live up to it. We wish this New Year brings prosperity to the people of Tripura,” he said.

While answering to a question, he asked “look at Tripura’s state of affairs. There are no proper hospitals, no colleges, and no proper roads. Is this how a state is supposed to run? “

“It’s absolute mayhem here. The Tripura government doesn’t follow Supreme Court’s orders. When AITC is voted to power, education and governance will improve in the state. The New Year will usher in a new hope for Tripura and its people,” he said.

“You compare PM Modi’s seven years of governance with 10 years of Didi’s governance in Bengal and you will see the stark difference. I challenge the BJP to bring out its report card, and we will bring out ours. You will see the difference,” he told the media there.

He also said, “It is clear that AITC is the only party that is taking on the BJP head on. From Bengal to Goa to Tripura, we are active on the ground at every place. We aren’t cowed down upon BJP’s might and its use of investigative agencies,” he told the members of the Press.

“We will fight the BJP in Tripura and make sure that vandalism has no place in the state. They will attack us, they will break our cars and properties, but they will never break our spirit,” Mr Banerjee assured his party workers in Trpura.

Terming this as the beginning of Biplab Deb’s end, he said TMC has emerged as the principal opposition in the state within three months of campaigning.

He asked the reporters to “Show me a trend like this anywhere else in India, to gain 23% vote share in three months. If the people of Tripura think they need to put an end to this autocracy, this has to be through the ballot box,” he added.

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