Noida Supertech Twin Towers demolished in nine seconds

Noida Supertech Twin Towers demolished in nine seconds

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NEW DELHI, 28 AUG: The Supertech Twin Towers in Noida were demolished in nine seconds using waterfall implosion technique on Sunday afternoon. The demolition was carried out using over 3,500 kg of explosives.

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The nearly 100-metre-high structures were brought to the ground in seconds literally like a house of cards, in a breathtaking spectacle of modern day engineering at around 2:30 pm.

Soon after the explosion took place at the press of a button, the towers came crashing down, generating a cloud of massive dust polluting the atmosphere around.

The tallest towers to be demolished in the country — Ceyane (29 floors) and Apex (32 floors) — were part of the Emerald Court project of Supertech Ltd and were found to be in violation of multiple regulations regarding construction.

Mumbai-based Edifice Engineering, hired for the project, carried out the demolition work and master blaster Chetan Dutta pressed the button.

The twin buildings, which comprise 915 flats and are located just nine metres from Emerald Court’s Aster-2 apartment block, were fully rigged with explosives and wired up.

Environment Department of the Uttar Pradesh government has installed six Special dust machines at the demolition site to monitor pollution levels.

“Pollution levels will be recorded before, during and after the explosion. The amount of PM 10 and PM 2.5 will be checked through this machine. Its report will come in the next 24 hours,” said a technician, Umesh.

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