Norwegian Ed-tech firm Dfavo to help Indian students navigate aspirations of studying abroad

Norwegian Ed-tech firm Dfavo to help Indian students navigate aspirations of studying abroad

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NEW DELHI, 16 SEP: Norwegian Ed-tech Firm Dfavo is working towards enabling Indian students navigate the post-COVID world of studying in foreign universities.

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An online platform that enables access to education internationally, Dfavo has already facilitated more than 10,000 Indian students to study abroad in its first 12 months of operation in India. The platform is already used by more than 3,400 channel partners and it offers access to more than 1,100 educational institutions around the world. It has assisted more than 18,000 students globally.

Co-Founded by Indian-born Mr. Harinder Aulakh with Mr. Pål Kvalheim, the company is based out of Chandigarh with headquarters in Oslo, Norway. As the world is starting to open up for travel for international students, Dfavo is working towards meeting the increased demand from students aspiring to pursue education opportunities abroad.

Dfavo is a fast, simple-to-use online platform that enables access to education internationally. It facilitates the application by digitalizing the procedure combined with human support and accessibility throughout the process. The service is both secure and transparent and places the student’s interests at the focal point of its service.  Earlier known as ‘’, the firm has since re-branded itself as ‘Dfavo.’

Elaborating on how the company helps Indian Students navigate the COVID-related requirements of foreign students, Mr. Harinder Singh Aulakh, Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Dfavo, said, “At Dfavo we support the students at every stage of the application process, from advising about the different schools and educations, to support applying for visas to the destination countries. By supporting the whole process, we make sure students are successful in getting accepted to their dream education.”

Further, Mr. Harinder Singh Aulakh said, “India’s future lies in its youth. A well-educated population is the promise of any prosperous and successful nation. Dfavo is establishing itself as the favorite study portal in India that facilitates access to good education abroad. My own life journey has given me the opportunity to get two master’s degrees and enjoy a great career. Everyone should have that opportunity and I am proud of how we can help young, entrepreneurial students from India achieve their dreams.”

Dfavo is also targeting making India a prime destination for foreign students to choose India as a destination for their Higher Education. Dfavo is already supporting students from Africa to study in Indian universities and Nepal students study in Japanese Institutions. The goal is to create a truly global platform that enables students from all over the world to access higher education.

Highlighting the vision of the company, Mr. Pål Kvalheim, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Dfavo, said, “Access to quality education is one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to achieve a better future for all. At Dfavo we are excited and proud of every student we enable to seek higher education abroad. A good education is the entry to a better future, both for the individual and for the society as a whole. Dfavo is here to make the entry into that future as easily available and secure for the students as possible. We consider India our home market as it is the country where we launched our service and where most of our great team works.”

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