Panic after female cheetah escapes from enclosure in Jhargram Zoological Park

Panic after female cheetah escapes from enclosure in Jhargram Zoological Park

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JHARGRAM, 8 OCT: A leopard has escaped from its enclosure in the Jhargram Zoological Park on Thursday evening at around 6 pm, creating a panic among the local residents.

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The forest officials and local police immediately swung into action to aware the local residents. Police started miking about the incident in the Jhargram town and asked people to inform them if they found the leopard hiding anywhere in the locality.

The forest officials also called tranquilizer experts and laid traps at possible sites where the cheetah may take shelter. “Though, the cheetah has not been seen till this morning, but we have kept our vigils at various locations. As this was the captive one, it is not habituated to collect foods from jungles. So, when it will feel hunger, it can harm the domestic animals in nearby villages,” said a forest official.

According to the forest officials, a female leopard has escaped from its enclosure. Her male counterpart and her two babies are still in their enclosure. This female leopard was brought from Khairaganj in Jaldapara two years ago.

This Zoological Park situated about two kilometers from the town was opened by the state forest department. Deer, snakes, crocodiles, black rabbit, wolf, peacocks, bears, various types of monkeys and several varieties of trees can see here.

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