Santhali actress Birbaha Hansda joins TMC

Santhali actress Birbaha Hansda joins TMC

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JHARGRAM, 3 MARCH: Famous Santhali actress Birbaha Hansda on Wednesday joined Trinamul Congress, hours after the party inducted Bengali film heroine Sayantika Banerjee and the Principal of City College Dr Sandip Kumar Paul in its fold.

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Hansda, daughter of Naren Hansda, founder of Jharkhand Party (Naren) and Chunibala Hansda, a famous politician took the party flag from the party’s Secretary-General Partha Chatterjee in Kolkata. She had contested the 2019 Lok Sabha elections on Jharkhand Party (Naren) ticket, but she lost her deposit in the election against the CPI-M candidate.

After joining the party, Birbaha said, “I was working for people since long, however I was not getting a platform to increase my outreach. Today I have joined the party to increase my outreach and work for the people and help Didi in her fight.”

Chatterjee said the TMC wanted to put young people like her to work for masses. “Our leader Mamata Banerjee is also committed to work for tribals. Birbaha is an ambassador of the community.”

After taking flag, Sayantika said, “I was with Didi and will always be with her. I want to serve the people.”

TMC had earlier inducted several Bengali film personalities including veteran Dipankar Dey, Saayoni Ghosh, Kanchan Mallick and others.

Hansda began working with actress and producer Prem Mardi. Her 2008 debut film was Ado Alom Aso Aa. She received praise for her performance. Other films include Achchha Thik Geya, Aas Tanhe Ena Amre, Amge Sari Dulariya (2012), Tode Sutam (2013), Jupur Juli, Aalom Rejinya Sakom Sindoor (2013), Jawai Orah BongayChapalKiding (2014), Malang and Fulmoni.
She has worked in songs and music videos, such as ‘A Na Mosla Baha’ (2014), ‘A Dogor Na’ (2014), ‘Chag Cho Chando’ (2014) and ‘Gorom Sari Sari’.

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