Solar TV will be available for the first time in Kolkata by Dec’21

Solar TV will be available for the first time in Kolkata by Dec’21

Soma Mookherjee

KOLKATA, 21 SEP: Come December, Kolkata for the first time will witness solar television. Apart from Kolkata, there are plans to introduce the solar television in the forest fringe areas of North Bengal, Jangal Mahal, Ajodhya hills of Purulia and also in some islands of Sundarban areas where grid power supply is unstable.

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Experts say it will be a boon to regular television viewers who glued to television sets for news or Bengali or Hindi serials as spiralling cost of electricity causes a hole in the pocket.

Solar Energy expert Dr SP Gon Chowdhury feels solar television will reduce the electricity bill of the consumers which is spiralling almost every month.

Moreover, solar cells can be charged in the sunlight and thus charging of cells will be done almost free of cost, Dr Gon Chowdhury said.  He said use of solar television will decrease the use of fossil fuel and increase green power.

It will be a LED TV with various options of WI-Fi and DTH connectivity. This product will be launched as a part of new brand, “Swat Solar” with a vision of providing best technology having green energy as its core, said Ankit Malhotra, vice president of Swat Solar.

He said the key features that make this product unique are –

* This television runs on a combination of solar energy and battery storage system with backup for nearly eight hours.

*So it does not require grid connectivity and one can watch television programme without any electricity connectivity.

It is stated that solar TV is also compatible with local cable network and OTT platforms are also available in this set.

The mother company of Swat Solar has in past 10 years has provided life to 35,099 people spread across 130 villages in Rajasthan and UP through various diversification of  solar power by means of micro grid and home lighting solutions.

He said almost 43 villages in Unnao UP and in outskirts o Jodhpur in Rajasthan are benefitted by solar power.

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