Sony India unveils shotgun microphone for content creators

Sony India unveils shotgun microphone for content creators

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NEW DELHI, 24 AUG: Sony India on Wednesday introduced a new shotgun microphone, the ECM-G1, that is said to be highly portable and perfect for content creators to capture high-quality audio.

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It will cost you Rs 10,290 and has a large-diameter microphone capsule that collects clear sound while suppressing noise.

“The ECM-G1 is the perfect microphone for vlogging and interviews. It captures voices clearly, contains a wind screen to reduce wind noise when shooting outdoors, and has an optimised frame with anti-vibration dampers to suppress vibration noise,” the company said in a statement.

“The cableless design avoids cable-transmitted vibration noise when attached to a Sony camera with the Multi-Interface (MI) shoe,” it added.

The company claimed that ECM-super-cardioid G1’s pick-up pattern emphasises clear sound collection from in front of the camera, with ambient noise minimised to ensure only wanted audio is caught — ideal for selfie shooting.

Key Features of the Microphone:

  • ECM-G1 has a 14.6 mm large-diameter microphone and super-cardioid capsule for clear voice capture, perfect for vlogging and interviews.
  • Contains a windscreen to reduce wind noise when shooting outdoors.
  • It has an optimized frame with anti-vibration dampers to suppress vibration noise.
  • Connects to, and is directly powered from, Sony’s compatible cameras via MI (Multi Interface) Shoe, making it cable and battery free operation.
  • This microphone is just 20 mm of length and weight respectively, which makes it highly portable.

Even when shooting indoors, the ECM-G1, which is available across online and offline stores, reduces echo pickup from walls and voice reverberation, resulting in clear conversation sound capture, it said.

Sony mentioned that a recording cable is included, and the microphone jack is compatible with a wide range of devices, such as cameras and smartphones, giving users the ultimate flexibility for various shooting requirements.

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