Stinge every thing with political colour-  Bengal’s present motto!

Stinge every thing with political colour- Bengal’s present motto!

Sukhendu Das

Former Indian Information Service (IIS), Former Dy Director & News Head, Doordarshan Sangbad, DDK, Kolkata

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The baby yet to take shape in mother’s womb in West Bengal is inculcated with politics here now. It may seem something awkward and astonishing listening.

But who are acquainted and conversant with present-day Bengal political scenario will not perhaps refute this contention of mine.

From dawn to dusk here even the bees and butterflies that remain engaged in collecting honey from different flowers are not spared from political controversies. If they could, they would have decided which bees are entitled which are not to sit on flowers. 

We Bengalis presently are passing through this sort of situations. Naturally, It’s quite redundant to speak of human plights.

Every where there is politics and colour is being looked out. And on this all the political parties are unconditionally unanimous. No particular party could be taken to task.

Recently a heinous crime leading to the gruesome murder of a college girl took place in Berhampore road in Murshidabad. 

The girl was brutally killed with knife and bullets by a revengeful youth who claims to be her one time close. This incident also didn’t waste any time to pick up political colour and controversies.

It’s sad! No doubt, it’s very sad and deplorable in the context of Bengali intelligentsia who once excelled in finer sentiments and sensitivities. North India was once in the grip of this sort of politics.

While they are trying to come out of all these nuisances, Bengal is nurturing these with great love and care!

It’s the time, Bengal should proclaim -Crime and Criminal have no colour.

Till today we are charged with Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’ where this sort of revenge-killing took place!

Othello the Nigro-Protagonist murdered beautiful Desdemona only out of doubt. And later repentance grabbed him.

It’s not fair and healthy at all for a community to seek refuge in politics always. That denotes its gradual decadence both of mental and political standard!

Our politicians should seriously note if not it is deterred right now; our existence in India will be shamefully ridiculed outside!

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