TMC commits many fouls, people will show them ‘Ram Card’ : says Narendra Modi

TMC commits many fouls, people will show them ‘Ram Card’ : says Narendra Modi

Biswabrata Goswami

HALDIA, 7 FEB: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday tore into the Mamata Banerjee-led West Bengal government, saying it has committed many fouls and people are ready to show them ‘Ram Card’.

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Drawing a comparison between Bengal’s love for football and TMC, PM Modi said, “Bengal loves football and in that terminology, I want to say TMC has committed many fouls- Foul of corruption, foul on governance and foul on faith. In a play on the red card in football, PM said Bengal is soon going to show the ‘Ram card’ to Trinamul.”

He also said it has “criminalised politics, institutionalised corruption and politicised the administration and police”.

He compared the Mamata Banerjee government to a second version of the Left Front government in Bengal and said there has been a “rebirth of communism” under her rule. The indicator, he said, was that politics has been criminalized and administration has been politicized in the state.

The state’s politics is the “biggest reason for its condition,” he said.

“Bengal wants to ask Trinamul — those who fired on the people of Nandigram — why is she taking the same people in her party,” the Prime Minister said at a political rally in Haldia — considered the stronghold of Suvendu Adhikari, who joined the BJP in December.

Speaking at the rally, he said, “People who talk about ‘Maa, Maati, Maanush’ don’t have the courage to raise their voice for ‘Bharat Mata’. That’s because these people have criminalized politics, institutionalized corruption and politicized administration and police”.

“Mamata Didi gets angry if someone chants ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’, but never loses cool if disloyal people speak against the country. There is conspiracy against yoga, India-made tea and other goods. But Mamata Didi never said anything. I want to assure that India will give answers to all those people who are conspiring against the country,” PM Modi said while addressing his first election rally ahead of the assembly polls in Haldia.

He also said that the people of Bengal expected ‘mamata’ (affection) from chief minister Mamata Banerjee but got ‘nirmamta’ (cruelty).

“Mamata didi promised parivartan (change) in West Bengal. Everyone trusted her with her promise, but in 10 years, all they received was nirmamta (cruelty). What they have is rebirth of the Left. Rebirth of criminals. Rebirth of attack on loktantra. She gets angry on ‘bharat mata ki jai’ slogan, but she won’t get angry no matter what people are saying against country”, he said. 

PM Modi further said, “Now the planning is being done on how to malign India’s image. They attack tea workers to malign their image, but have you heard anything on this from Didi? The country will answer these conspiracies with full strength”.

Accusing the state leaders of corruption, PM Modi said even in natural disasters like Cyclone Amphan, they are “looking for opportunities for corruption”. “The Centre gave free ration immediately. But the state failed to give it to the people,” he said.

The court finally had to take a stand on the corruption, he added.

“During Covid, lakhs of farmers here did not get any money, lakhs of farmers should have benefitted from the Kisan Samman project, but did not. The state refused to join the programme,” PM Modi said.

“The TMC tolabaz and syndicate are only for a few days…parivartan is inevitable this time in Bengal,” he said.

PM Modi said only a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government can free the state of this mismanagement. He exhorted people to vote in a BJP government to experience “asol poriborton (real change)” – like the one being experienced in Tripura.

He said that in West Bengal, the TMC and its friends Left Front and Congress party are together behind the curtains, accusing them of match-fixing. “They meet and greet each other, devise a strategy together. In Kerala too, there’s a deal between the Left and Congress. In Bengal, the Left and TMC are together; their squabbling is a sham.”

While remembering the past glory of Bengal, PM Modi said, “I pay my respect to Bengal- the land that has given the world visionaries. The gas and road connectivity projects that will be inaugurated today will create new jobs. These projects will help open new doors for trade with our neighbours. Bengal has always been a priority for the Central government”.

PM Modi said, “I promise the farmers of West Bengal that BJP will form the government here and in the first cabinet meeting, a decision will be taken where we will pay you the remaining amount, at par with other Indian farmers, directly into your bank accounts. You will receive all benefits from the Central government.”

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