TMC eyeing Tripura polls, trying to make inroads with the tactics what BJP followed in West Bengal

TMC eyeing Tripura polls, trying to make inroads with the tactics what BJP followed in West Bengal

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KOLKATA, 5 SEP: Encouraged by a landslide victory in West Bengal’s assembly elections held earlier this year, Trinamul Congress is now eying BJP-ruled Tripura where the party feels it can make strong headway in the next assembly elections slated for early 2023.

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Trinamul Congress leader in charge of Tripura, Sushmita Deb said, “Those who want to fight against the BJP government are being attacked everywhere in Tripura, this is condemnable. I wish speedy recovery of our leader Majibur.” 

She alleged present Assam chief minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma was entrusted to help BJP with the elections in Tripura and to set up a BJP government in Tripura. He had said that he will ensure jobs for everyone through missed calls, if but there are no jobs here, and ever since they won the election, Biswa Sarma has never even visited Tripura.’

“I want to ask Biplab Deb about the hundreds of poll promises made in 2018 – be it on jobs or SEZ or even the promise of free education for girls but three and half years have passed and the Biplab Deb government did nothing.

“Trinamul did not come to Tripura to further their ambitions. We came to stop BJP and its communal anti-people policies. We will have to stand united against the BJP government of Tripura and uproot them,” said Ms Deb.

The state law and PWD minister Moloy Ghatak said, “The CPI-M government in Tripura did not do anything in 25 years and the BJP government also followed its suit. The BJP government at the centre  has promised two crore jobs and would bring back black money from abroad, and  they had also said that they would deposit Rs 15 lakh in the bank accounts of every Indian.

Instead, industrialists like Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi has looted the banks and fled from India.

The state minister also said, “Indian Economy is at an all-time low. Even as the international crude oil prices fell, the Centre hiked the prices. The Union government is selling off public properties and public institutions.

Meanwhile, Mr Ghatak said, “In West Bengal Trinamul has set up the government for the third time and has become a welfare state. The Tripura government will not be able to run any of the schemes run by the Bengal government – be it Kanyashree, Rupashree, Swasthya Sathi or others,” he said.

He said, “Our national general secretary Abhishek Banerjee has set his eyes on Tripura.” He has said that if anyone attacks any Trinamul worker in Tripura, he will come to the state and stand beside them.”

“Trinamul will select people from Tripura to fight the elections. We will not run the government from Bengal – we will build leaders from the state, who knows the people and we need to build a strong organisation for that,” said Sushmita Deb.

Subal Bhowmik, former minister of Tripura said, “The people of Tripura brought the BJP government to oust the Communist government. Now, everyone is regretting the decision – we all are responsible for it, but that does not mean the BJP government will have its way and do whatever they want.”

He said, “Democracy is all about its citizens and the public brought BJP in power, they will show them the door.’

“Mamata Banerjee, along with all the opposition parties, will fight against the BJP government in the centre in 2024, said Tripura Trinamul state president, Ashishlal Singh.

“The People of Sonamura did not let BJP enter their area – they will lead the way in defeating the BJP as well. Let’s dream for a better Tripura for tomorrow, where Trinamul will lead the way,” he said.

Trinamul Youth general secretary Jaya Dutta said, “Those who are joining the party will have to take up the flag and fight to restore democracy. Biplab Deb has promised development – but he did not deliver anything.

Mamata Banerjee does not just deliver speeches – she also keeps her promises, she said.

“Bengal is the only state where healthcare is free, where so many social welfare schemes have been launched – people of Tripura are being deprived of it,” she said.

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