Trinamul Congress MLA Tapas Saha fires accusations at party leaders, alleges conspiracy against him

Trinamul Congress MLA Tapas Saha fires accusations at party leaders, alleges conspiracy against him

Biswabrata Goswami

KRISHNAGAR, 2 NOV: Trinamul Congress MLA Tapas Saha, representing Tehatta constituency in Nadia, has accused a faction within his own party of conspiring against him. Mr. Saha’s allegations came to light during the Bijaya Sammilani program organised by the Trinamul Congress’ North Nadia District unit at Rabindra Bhawan in Krishnagar.

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Addressing the gathering, a visibly distressed Mr Saha claimed that his nominated candidates for various posts, including block sabhapati and anchal sabhapati, were denied tickets in the last panchayat polls, leading to their failure in the elections. As a result, not a single candidate from Trinamul Congress has been able to be elected as a panchayat pradhan in the entire Tehatta sub-division. He demanded justice, stating, “If it is proved that I was wrong, I should be killed. But if it is not correct, then those who chose candidates and gave tickets to them, should be punished.”

Mr Saha, known to be a close associate of Minister Ujjal Biswas, also revealed the internal strife within the party in Tehatta, where he is openly at odds with Tina Bhowmik, a leader associated with Abhishek Banerjee, a prominent figure in the party hierarchy.

It should be noted that a team from the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) had raided Mr Saha’s residence in connection with a teacher recruitment corruption case. The investigation centered around allegations that Mr Saha took bribes in exchange for jobs and issued fake employment letters. The search, which lasted for about 14 hours, encompassed Saha’s home, office, and even his alma mater, Dr. BR Ambedkar College, where he currently serves as the president.

In a tearful plea to the media, Mr Saha had denied the allegations and asserted that he was being framed. “I am a victim of conspiracy hatched by my own party leader from the district, Tina Bhowmik Saha, and her associates. They have joined hands with BJP in conspiring against me,” he claimed, urging the media not to abandon the party amidst the crisis.

Expressing his disappointment with his party’s lack of support, Mr Saha had also said, “No one from the party contacted me. I am saying it again that I am a victim of conspiracy hatched by a section within my own party.”

Despite the challenges, he expressed confidence in Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and vowed to continue his fight against the alleged conspiracy.

The unfolding political drama within the Trinamul Congress has left party members and the public alike in a state of shock, raising questions about internal unity and integrity within the party ranks.

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