Trinamul Congress to take part in civic poll in Tripura in November: Sushmita Deb

Trinamul Congress to take part in civic poll in Tripura in November: Sushmita Deb

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KOLKATA, 26 OCT: Trinamul Congress will take part in municipal poll in November, said Sushmita Deb, Trinamul Rajya Sabha MP and  in charge of Tripura Trinamul Congress. Today she took oath as Rajya Sabha MP.

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She said BJP is the most undemocratic party and prior to party’s national general secretary Abhishek Banerjee’s visit in Tripura, Biplab Deb’s government has imposed section 144.

Meanwhile, after its first steering committee’s meeting, Tripura Trinamul Congress has decided that prior to municipal poll; it will reach out to the people of Tripura in every municipality with a message that Trinamul Congress for the people of Tripura.

Ms Deb said, Biplab Deb’s government has imposed section 144 to prevent Opposition from holding rallies. “In our first steering committee’s meeting, we have decided instead of people joining us in a rally, we the members of steering committee and youth committee will reach out to the people of Tripura in a span of 12 days stating from today 21 October to 31 October in all eight districts, 60 Assembly constituencies, 58 blocks and 20 municipal bodies.”

Ms Deb said , “Our main aim is to reach out to the peoe, we will explain the different development schemes of Mamata Banerjee government in West Bengal and will carry the messages if our party supremo and national general secretary Abhishek Banerjee to the people of Tripura.

Mr Asishlal Singh, Tripura Trinamul Congress state president said that 52 wards of Agartala Municipal Corporation along with other municipalities will go to poll in December.

Trinamul Congress national general secretary Abhishek Banerjee has decided that Trinamul Congress will contest in the municipal poll in Tripura.

Party sources said, “Mr Banerjee held virtual meeting with the party leaders in Tripura at least for two hours and  reportedly asked the leaders to increase public contact and go for door to door campaign.”

He reportedly assigned three leaders Ashishlal Singh, Susmita Deb and Subal Bhowmik along with 21 steering committee members and 11 youth members in charge of all eight districts in Trupura.

While Ashishlal Singh will campaign in North Tripura, Khowai Dhalai, Unakoti and Sushmita Deb will campaign in West Tripura and for two days in Shipahijela.

Mr Subal Bhowmik, the state coordinator will be campaigning in South Tripura, Gomti and Shipahijela.

Ms Deb said that the leaders will traverse across the state and cover all booths, listen to the grievances of the people, and will interact with the people and will play Trinamul supremo Mamata Banerjee’s speech on various development schemes that she has already introduced in Bengal.

Tripura state co-ordinator Subal Bhaumik lashed out at Biplab Deb’s government stating BJP is on a sticky wicket in Tripura and losing impetus as more and more cadres both from the CPI-M and the BJP are joining Trinamul Congress.

He said, “In order to divert attention from the soaring hike of fuel prices, dearth of job, massive power cut and dearth of drinking  water, BJP government here has resorted to violence, loot and arson.”

“Two of our activists were injured and their shops were ransacked. Actually BJP is trying to create an atmosphere of violence so that people will not come out to vote, “Mr Bhaumik said.

When asked about the recent incidents in Bangladesh, Ms Deb said, “It’s an incident of a separate country and our Prime Minister should intervene. She also condemned the communal violence during Durga Puja.”

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