Tripura will witness a change in power in 2023: Ashishlal Singh

Tripura will witness a change in power in 2023: Ashishlal Singh

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KOLKATA, 25 JULY: Come 2023, Tripura will witness a change in power said Ashishlal Singh, Tripura Trinamul Congress state president.

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In a telephonic conversation, Mr Singh told from Tripura that the ground has been prepared and 2023 Assembly poll in Tripura will witness a change of power and BJP will be oust from the state.

Asked what makes him so confident, Mr Singh said, the people of Tripura realised that the BJP has come to power in 2018 by making all false promises. More than 10,000 people lost their jobs in three half years tenure of BJP in Tripura. Of them 150 people have already died and some of them even committed suicide.”

He said Tripura had a BJP government and Prime Minister declared of Atma Nirvar Bharat.

“So I ask why the BJP government did not give them Rs 20 lakh loan to each of them so that they could start their own business. But nothing was done,” Mr Singh added.

He said that he would move to The Supreme Court for these people who lost their jobs during BJP regime.

“We had been watching keenly how Trinamul Congress chief Mamata Banerjee and party’s all India general secretary Abhishek Banerjee had steered Trinamul Congress to landslide victory against all money, muscle and agency powers of BJP,” he said.

After the Trinamul’s victory in West Bengal, many BJP and CPI-M party workers have joined Trinamul Congress.

He said Mamata Banerjee never left the people of Tripura. In 2014, Trinamul Congress had a steady growth in Tripura but due to some turncoats who joined the BJP for personal gains, the party became weak in Tripura, he said.

Tripura Trinamul state president said, “After Biplab Deb  became the chief minister, the party offices of Trinamul Congress were closed down forcibly and the landlords of those houses where the party offices are situated  were asked by the government not let Trinamul Congress party offices to thrive. But the CPI-M and Congress party offices are  not closed down.”

Asked whether they could observe Martyr’s Day on 21 July, he said, “In Tripura we have 60 Assembly segments of which in 54 Assembly segments we could observe Martyr’s Day by hoisting party flags and pay our homage to the martyrs.

“But we could not procure giant screens from Tripura as the police has threatened the giant screen owners association with dire consequences. Do in Agartala, at our party’s head office I arranged a giant screen from Assam to telecast party supremo’s speech,” said Mr Ashishlal Singh.

He said,”We are waiting eagerly for Trinamul party supremo Mamata Banerjee and party’s national general secretary Abhishek Banerjee to come to Tripura and address the people over here.”

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