Why does mainstream media maintain stoic silence even after journalists continue to get attacked?

Why does mainstream media maintain stoic silence even after journalists continue to get attacked?

Sukhendu Das Indian Information Service (IIS), Former Dy Director & News Head, Doordarshan Sangbad, DDK, Kolkata

Money and Muscles are now the main controlling forces of Indian Media. Either media will have to succumb to one of these two; otherwise they will be retaliated, tortured, vandalized, imprisoned or killed. This is the scenario. Media persons are now most scared, frightened or allured class of the society. They are left with no choice than to adopt any of these crucial paths.

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Very recently, few YouTube journalists were stripped at a police station in MP for their criticism of a powerful political leader. And Police played the most vital instrumental role to this shameless episode.

No ruler can withstand criticism. They always prefer for yes-men or sycophants. From time immemorial, the attire and colours of rulers have changed the behavioral patterns remained unchanged. This is the Tragedy! No ruler likes to derive lessons from History. They want to grab the History and History retaliates.

In Bengal, big media houses have turned themselves into prime agents of ruling party for petty interests forgetting their sacred duties.

They are now posing like crows. It is said that crows while stealing, closes its eyes simply with the idea that no one is watching it!  

But people are the most vigilant watchdogs. If they are denied, they will definitely keep it in mind. In democracy that’s reflected through the free and fair polls. There is also a big question mark prevailing now. People are grievously barred to exercising their opinions freely. That’s again a big blow to democracy.

What I think, Fourth Estate will not be spotless in India, until and unless the journalist-folk imbibe Missionary spirit and zeal in themselves!

In Bengal a month or two back during the municipal elections, some news men were assaulted while covering the polls.

Kolkata Press Club kept mum on it. It did not dare even issuing a statement condemning the attack. Where’s the fraternity then?  If the army is bound with fraternity, the medicos proclaim fraternity; can not the media-men?

Money and Muscle will continue reigning supreme in media world in India particularly, like other fields of life so long there is greed, personal interests, threat to life sustenance and survival questions!

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