Will take on BJP, fight and finally win : Mamata Banerjee

Will take on BJP, fight and finally win : Mamata Banerjee

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KOLKATA, 23 SEP: Trinamul Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee said that BJP should remember now there is a person who will take on them and will fight and ultimately win.

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She requested her voters both in Ekbalpore and Chetla to vote for her and her victory will be a stepping stone to lodge a greater movement against the ‘fascist’ government at the Centre.

She also asked the voters not to be complacent but should exercise their franchise to elect her as MLA so that she can continue as chief minister and carry on with different development projects.

She said that she has ordered a new pumping station at Kabitirtha as there was problem of water logging. She said after 30 years we have do much rain.

She lambasted the BJP Tripura Congress for imposing section 144 till 4 November in Tripura and asked “Will the BJP government in Tripura not allow people to celebrate Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Diwali and Chhat? Why section 144 has been imposed? They are afraid of Trinamul Congress and our national general secretary Abhishek Banerjee. He is supposed to go there today to hold a rally,” she said.

Miss Banerjee gave a clarion call to dislodge the ‘autocratic’ Modi government at the Centre in 2024 Lok Sabha poll. 

She said her party gradually will make its presence felt in Assam, Goa and UP.

She said in Ekbalpore she will not allow the centre to impose NRC, NPR and CAA. She said she has sent a team to Assam after 16 lakh people were sent to detention camp. “Our MPs were not allowed to come out from the airport. Similarly in Hathras in UP, I have sent some of my MPs to meet the victim’s family but there too they were not allowed and manhandled.”

She said in Tripura, Abhishek’s motorcade was attacked and my Trinamul youth and student leaders and MPs were also attacked and injured  by BJP goons,”

Miss Banerjee lashed out at the Prime Minister and Union home minister for snooping on Opposition leaders, judges, bureaucrats and journalists by using Pegasus and failed to provide adequate vaccines in the state.

Miss Banerjee said under BJP, democracy is in peril as the BJP is trying to destroy all four pillars of democracy by snooping on the legislatures, executives, judges and fourth pillar- media.

By increasing fuel price hike, the Centre has picked Rs 3.7 lakh crore from the people.

The people across the country are not getting vaccines. Who is taking care of PM Cares Fund?” she asked.

She said that the BJP Central leaders used all the agencies, muscle and money power, Pegasus but yet Trinamul Congress got the people’s mandate. 

She cautioned the voters not to get agitated because BJP will try various tricks.

She was requested to contest from Nandigram but “you all know what actually happened. It may be destined that I’ll contest from Bhowanipore to be the Chief Minister of West Bengal.

BJP is destroying federalism but wants a surveillance state. They are bulldozing democracy every day.

She accused the Centre for failing to control second wave of COVID-19. She said more than four lakh people died in India during the second phase as there is no vaccines, no medicines and UP government is floating the dead bodies in the holy Ganga and we had to recover those bodies and do the last rites.

She iterated “Our independence and democracy under threat ‘Khela Abar Hobe’ until BJP is wiped off completely.

“We are ready to give free ration to the nation. We distributed 10 lakh Student Credit Cards besides laptop, hostel fees, tuition fee, etc. We are giving Rs. 10,000 to farmers,” she said.

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