Winter Hygiene: 8 important tips to take care of your newborn in winter

Winter Hygiene: 8 important tips to take care of your newborn in winter

Reshmee Ahmed

KRISHNAGAR, 2 JAN: Winter is a season of festivals and we all wish to enjoy it thoroughly. But extreme cold seems to be harsh for new moms and new borns. As your baby’s immune system will be still developing, baby will be susceptible to cold and infections and that is bound to leave you worried. Babies require utmost care and support until they can sustain themselves in their own way. Continuous care is needed in winter as a drop of in temperature triggers various process within the body to keep itself safe. During winter virus and bacteria thrive in and play a vital role in causing infections and a baby is the easiest target ever.

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Problems that occur in Winter:

Influenza and bronchitis

Croup as well as rhinovirus

Breathing problems

Dry skin, itchiness

Chapped lips

Rosy red cheeks

Hygiene tips to prevent illness—

We are maintaining some preliminary precautions since COVID set in. We have to follow those in case of children with intense attention. Make sure kids wash their hands properly after coming home from outside. Use hand sanitizer. Anyone suffering from cough and cold must cover their nose to avoid spreading infections to others.

Some more other tips to be followed:-

  1. Get Vaccinated:

Children tend to get respiratory problems more frequently in this reason. It is very important that children get properly vaccinated for flu. This will increase the immunity.

  • Use a Humidifier

In colder region a humidifier is needed. Other heating systems make the air dry in your room which effects the child’s skin. Humidifier maintains the moisture levels optimally.

  • Use a moisturizer:

To keep your little one’s skin soft and supple, use a good moisturizer, that are meant for baby’s skin. You can use a cream or lotion rich in milk cream and butter which will help to maintain the glow and texture. Use different types of products can cause rash, itching. So avoid that skilfully. Avoid using soap and shampoo daily.

     4. Massage well: 

For proper growth and development daily massage is very important. It maintains the blood circulation and increase the sense of well-being which indirectly boosts the immunity of the body. Use a good massage oil and apply it gently. Make sure the massage room in warm.

     5. Don’t use heavy blankets:

Using of heavy blanket to keep your little ones is not absolutely a good idea, because under the blanket he won’t be able to move his arms freely. Accidentally it can cover his face which may increase risk. Use a light blanket and keep the room temperature optimal.

6. Dress your baby comfortably:

Keeping your child wrapped up in heavy dresses restrict him from moving easily and make him irritable. Make him wear comfortable warm clothes according to the temperature.

7. Take care out doors:

Unless it is freezing cold outdoor it is fine to step out to get fresh air and also the warm sunlight will help in the overall growth and development. Sunlight contains vitamin D which helps in bone strengthening.

8. Include seasonal fruits and vegetables: 

It is very important to take care immensely of the diet of babies during winter. Children who are able to have semisolids and solid foods, seasonal fruits and vegetables must be included in their diet. A warm soup for toddlers made up of colourful vegetables will increase immunity and will keep them healthy from inside.


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