Worker crushed in tunnel collapse during pipe laying operation at Nabadwip

Worker crushed in tunnel collapse during pipe laying operation at Nabadwip

Biswabrata Goswami

KRISHNAGAR, 5 DEC: In a deeply unfortunate incident near Nabadwip cremation ground in Ward No. 18, a worker lost his life during pipe laying operations for the municipal fish farm. The victim, identified as Gautam Biswas, a resident of Char Phansitala in the Nabadwip police station area, was fatally injured as the ground collapsed while tunneling for the pipeline.

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The municipality was in the process of expanding its water infrastructure to facilitate the transfer of water from one location to another for the municipal fish farm. The incident occurred on Monday, and eyewitnesses report that the collapse in the tunnel happened suddenly, trapping Gautam Biswas beneath the earth.

Immediate rescue efforts were initiated by the fellow workers and authorities on the scene. However, despite their attempts to extricate him from the tunnel, the situation took a tragic turn. In an attempt to rescue the trapped worker, a soil cutter was employed, and some eyewitnesses claim that during this operation, the cutting machine inadvertently struck Gautam Biswas’s head.

Once rescued, he was rushed to Nabadwip State General Hospital, where medical professionals made valiant efforts to save him. Unfortunately, the medical team declared Gautam Biswas dead, marking a somber end to the rescue mission.

Local authorities and the police, have launched an investigation into the incident to ascertain the circumstances leading to the worker’s tragic demise. The news of Gautam Biswas’s untimely death has been communicated to his family residing in Char Phansitala.

A colleague of the deceased worker, who was present during the incident, shared, “We were engaged in pipeline work when suddenly the tunnel collapsed. It happened so quickly that we couldn’t comprehend what was occurring. He fell to the ground, possibly succumbing to a lack of oxygen inside.”

A local resident alleged, “The municipality and concerned agencies should keep proper safety protocols and procedures to prevent such incidents. This unfortunate incident serves as a stark reminder of the inherent risks associated with construction and infrastructure projects.”

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